Tree Art Carved sign with Black Bears at Eagle's Nest Campground in Pigeon Forge, TN

Tree Art Chainsaw Carving

Erv and Holli Doane

Winter/Spring ~ Crystal River, FL 352-628-3967
Summer/Fall ~ Pigeon Forge, TN 865-453-3151

Erv and Holli Doane were residents of Florida, until a 1994 vacation introduced them to the Smoky Mountains, Mickey Gray and Pigeon Forge. That vacation changed the lives of all three of these good friends, and Mickey has now decided to feature Ervís work on her website. Erv was raised in Orlando, Florida and spent the first 15 years after high school in the music business, touring and playing drums with a country band. That life is not conducive to long lasting relationships, and it was when he met Holli and realized she was the one he wanted to marry that he changed careers.

Huge standing Bear and Eagle carvings

Howling Wolf Wood Carving

A friend was into carving marine life replicas and water fowl in Cocoa Beach, and suggested that Erv give it a try. Fortunately, the side of his brain that gave him musical talent, had more talent to spare and he found he had a natural affinity for carving wood. His new career took off immediately, and, wonderfully, he and Holli have had a wonderfully successful marriage of 18 years!

Captain ready to set sail

Jumping Dolphins

Landing Eagle

Almost 12 years ago, when they first came to Pigeon Forge on vacation, little did they know that the second half of his career would unfold here. Mickey is the easiest person in the world to like, as are Erv and Holli, and the threesome began a warm, beneficial relationship. Mickey suggested they put up a covered workshop/display area on her property and the Doanes now spend the winter months in Crystal River, Florida, carving marine and waterfowl art, and May through November in Pigeon Forge, comfortably ensconced in the RV at the campground. He produces animals, birds and other flora that are indigenous to the Smoky Mountains and the bears and deer, eagles and Cherokee Indians that emerge from the trunks of the pine, oak, cedar and walnut trunks are incredibly life like. Holli paints some if the grain or the wood isnít striking, and others are left natural with a polyurethane finish for protection.

Curious Bears invade the Honey Hives

Carving of an Indian face, Bear and an Eagle

Bears climbing a tree

Both Erv and Holli are friendly, open people. Stop by on your next trip down Wears Valley as you head towards Townsend from Pigeon Forge. Their large, red-roofed shop/showroom is on your left. We welcome you to visit our official website ~ 

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